Welcome to "Nogamihonkan"
I will show you around the hotel.
You can use free WiFi in this facility
​No password
You can stay with YUKATA in this facility
You can enjoy natural ONSEN.
15: 00 ~ 24: 00/6: 00 ~ 9: 30
Natural ONSEN for men is on the first floor.
Natural onsen for women is on the second floor.
You can use LOUNGE on the second floor.
MANGA LOUNGE · · · You can use until 22:00.
BAMBOO LOUNGE · · You can drink free coffee at night and morning
If you book a meal, we will serve you on the second floor.
The laundry is on the first floor.
The use of the washing machine is free.
The use of the dryer is charged.
* It is from February of 2019.
Bicycle rental is 500 yen per day.
Check out time is at 10:00
There is a map of neighboring shops in the lobby on the first floor.